Clean Dryer Vents to Avoid Paying the Appliance Repair Man

Clean dryer vents each year to keep your clothes dryer running safely and efficiently. With a properly installed dryer vent system that is kept free from lint build-up, your clothes dryer should last a very long time.

Blocked air-flow is your clothes dryer’s worst enemy; however, there are several common things that can prevent a clothes dryer from working properly. Here is a guide for troubleshooting dryer problems:

The Dryer won’t Start

Even though this seems too simple, check the power supply; make sure it is plugged in and check the circuit breaker or fuse. Many homeowners have been embarrassed when the technician comes in and bills them for a service call when all they had to do was plug the dryer in. There are reasons the dryer could have been unplugged; maybe you were doing some spring cleaning and the cord was in the way or it came loose when you were sweeping behind the dryer. Cats seem to like to go where they shouldn’t; it’s possible the cat brushed by and the cord came loose.

Check the timer to see if it is working; you should be able to hear it clicking as it moves. Check the start switch for loose connections or broken wires. Make sure the door closes properly to engage the door switch.

Drum Turns but no Heat

Check to be sure the gas is on. Yes, this is another simple, obvious solution that could save you some money. Make sure the door seal fits tight; check for signs of wear. Check the thermostat

Dryer Runs – Drum doesn’t Turn

First, make sure the door closes properly so the switch is engaged and the dryer isn’t overloaded. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, the drum belt is likely loose or the bearings are worn. The manual should have instructions on how to tighten or replace the belt. While you’re checking the belt, look for other items that could be rubbing against the drum.

The Dryer makes loud Thumping or Scraping Noises

There are a number of things that can cause this problem, including a loose drum belt, worn bearings or the drum support roller.

Clothes take Longer to Dry

This is a very common problem that eventually happens with most dryers. Most people think that this is normal; the dryer is old and worn out. This is a myth; there is most likely nothing wrong with the dryer. The problem is lint build-up in the dryer ducts; this is a fire hazard. The dryer needs to be pulled away from the wall and the dryer duct needs to be cleaned. Lint blockages in the dryer vent system will prevent the dryer from expelling hot air; the heat is trapped in the system and the combustible lint catches fire.

Lint can also be built up around the dryer drum, on the motor or heating element. Manufacturers recommend professional annual dryer vent cleaning to be sure your clothes dryer is working safely and efficiently.

Always unplug the dryer before attempting to take it apart to check for problems. If you are unable to diagnose or fix the problem yourself then you need to call a professional. Dryer vent cleaning fixes most problems with clothes dryers as the air-flow is the most important part of a clothes dryer’s function. Most dryer vent cleaning specialists can also do the simple repairs like tightening belts and pulleys or replacing bearings.

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